2 thoughts on “Review Requests

  1. Hi Lisa, My latest book is a new adult contemporary romance, with a bit of medieval fantasy in the form of an online game. I wrote it because I could find no novels about video gaming as a career, so I decided to write one. It has proved hugely enjoyable and is now published on Amazon and other online bookstores. Here is the story:
    The Treason Game: Ever Fallen in Love with an Avatar?
    A coming-of age novel by Viv Doyle

    The Treason Game tells the story of Lina, who is infatuated with Tyler, a handsome medieval knight avatar in her favourite MRPG. She wants to be a games artist and gets an internship at MediaCity UK, where the boss, Aron Taylor, bears an uncanny resemblance to her fantasy lover.
    His surname is Taylor, and he worked on The Treason Game in the US, so Lina is convinced he is the man behind Tyler.
    But the road to adulthood is a bumpy ride for Lina, with a repressive, religious mother who hates video games and her best friend coming out as gay, not to mention her fantasies about her boss-cum-avatar. Everything comes to a head when she goes with the team to the Paris Games Week.
    If you would like to read this I can send as a .mobi file.
    Good luck with your blog and writing.
    Best wishes,

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