Random Facts About Me

  1. Love the color blue
  2. I am the mom of two
  3. I love reading everything as long as it grabs my attention
  4. I love helping out other Indie authors
  5. My first novel came about due to a crazy dream
  6. I write my characters based on people I know in real life
  7. My main character is usually loosely based on myself and how I would react to certain situations
  8. I am a hopeless romantic
  9. I am addicted to Game of War Fire Age
  10. I have so many stories going through my head it’s pathetic
  11. I started Kindergarten when I was four years old
  12. I’m a Sagittarius (December baby!)
  13. I love movies like Grown Ups, Fast and Furious and Love Actually… very all over!
  14. I do web design for my son’s basketball team
  15. I have fibromyalgia… it hurts… badly
  16. My favorite color is blue
  17. I was hopelessly addicted to cherry cheesecake ice cream until it got discontinued and then I was very sad and got re-addicted to butter pecan…BUT Blue Bunny has a cherry cheesecake ice cream but it’s only seasonal. I cannot win!
  18. You can bribe me with junior mints
  19. Or kit kats
  20. I also have IBS so sometimes my other love, peanut butter, and I have to break up
  21. I watch Murder, She Wrote and Golden Girls on a daily basis
  22. I cannot live without coffee
  23. I love to reread books like Harry Potter and Twilight, plus others
  24. I ramble sometimes
  25. I am forgetful, hence why I mentioned by favorite color twice
  26. I am horrible at Words with Friends, ironic isn’t it?
  27. I love listening to my older son’s music
  28. I listen to a Murder, She Wrote movie on YouTube just about every night so I can sleep.