Quake Prologue

Sitting in the command center, she gazed over her unit, silently relishing in what was about to happen. “Have you secured her?” she asked, turning to face him.

“Yes, mistress, she has been secured.”

A cold smile crept across her face. “You must keep her close; she and the others cannot escape.” He nodded, accepting the truth behind the words that his leader spoke. She returned her attention to the monitors before them, watching as the other units prepared to descend around the world.

“We will be moving up the time table to this week,” she informed him.

“This week? Why?” He realized his response was unwelcome and looked upon as a challenge to her authority. “My apologies, mistress. I’m just surprised by the decision, it was my understanding that we wouldn’t move for another month’s time.”

She looked down at him, the man she had chosen to be her second in command. The one that she had personally trained to be her commanding officer. She had made sure that he would be ready for the task when the time was right. “Are you not able to complete your mission?”

The look in her eye told him that there was only one answer. He stood, pinned underneath her gaze, sweat began to gather on his brow and he wondered if she could read the truth in his eyes. Standing at full attention, he lifted his chin and cleared his throat.

“Yes, mistress, I am. I just want to make sure that the other units are ready as well.” As she inspected him, she didn’t sense any hesitation within him or his ability to move forward with the mission at hand.

“They will be,” she assured him, once again turning to the screens, “they have to.”