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Review: Thirteen Reasons Why (Netflix)


It was a sign, I guess. I had stopped by Target to grab a printer cartridge and was failing miserably at keeping my eyes trained on the tile so I wouldn’t be tempted by anything that would catch my eye. I glanced upon the books (sigh) and a cover stood out more than the rest. 13 Reasons Why. I refused to stop, knowing that as I was already intrigued, it would just piss me off to read the synopsis, fall further in love and not be able to buy it.

It only took me a day and a half to watch the series.  I finished watching this at 5:13 this morning. Basically, I watched it all in one day. Yay, insomnia.


13 Reasons follows the life of Hannah, a high school sophomore in need of a friend. With the help of her high school counselor, she is paired up with another new girl in town, Jessica. From there, two become three as they add in loner, Alex. From there Hannah’s life takes on the twists and turns of the seedier side of high school and how several events (13 to be exact) drove her to commit suicide. And how one boy, Clay, took it upon himself to get justice… however perhaps not the right word… and some how he does.

It is a powerful drama, no-holds barred, and perfectly executed. I told my oldest son to watch it and am trying to figure out how to talk to my youngest about such issues as he is nearing high school and I think it’s already creeping into middle school.

I now want to get the book to read and compare.

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Shadowhunters vs Shadowhunters

I just finished reading the Mortal Instruments (yes, I know I’m behind) an loved the book. At the same time, I started watching Shadowhunters on whatever the channel is calling itself now and got into season one so I continued to watch it on Hulu. I have never been so confused about a television show in my life.

I truly believe thegiphy only thing they kept in tack was the characters name and the romance between Alec and Magnus. I think I’ll give it another episode or two to see if I’m going to stick out it out.

I can saw that the actors they chose for the TV series fit the characters much better than the movie did.