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A lot of family stuff came up mid August that made keeping up with the writing challenge impossible.

I have to admit, it was fun having to come up with answers for things I never would have thought of and allowed me to expand my story a bit.

I hope you enjoyed what I was able to complete and if you did it along with me, congrats on your accomplishment!

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 22

A page long sentence describing in minute detail where a main character sleeps (no pausing, just stream of consciousness):

* Why the hell am I awake?
* What time is that meeting tomorrow?? Er, today???
* Should I wear slacks or a skirt?
* If I wear a skirt I’m gonna have to touch up shave…….
* If I fall asleep by 3, that’s 3.5 hours of more sleep!
* Stupid, scary dream. It’s the reason I woke up.
* Why can’t I be a kid again?
* Wait, do I want to be a kid again?
* Man Vs Food guy is nuts
* I’m thirsty
* Why am I awake?
* Why do I let people push me around?
* The winning lottery numbers are 12 23 5 16 2 19
* Good googly moogly that is a huge steak!
* Why am I thinking about all of this inane crap?
* Still thirsty
* Why do people die?
* What does this dream mean?
* Is the couch really that comfy?
* I really need to get new pictures of my parents
* Yes all of this stuff is truly going through my mind right now
* I need more time in a day
* I hate having to lose time with my parents, but this job is so demanding
* Is strap perfect *really* that great?
* I’m so not going to sleep before/by 3am
* It’s going to be a loooooooooooong day
* It’s now 2:56am
* 3:01am
* Jack is on……
* But so is Good Eats………….


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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 20

A letter to your inner critic from your highly successful, multi published, award winning future self:

We did it! After all the hard work and rejection, the constant ridicule from family, we did it. It wasn’t easy, we spent a lot of time swearing to throw in the towel, but we didn’t. We found the support we so desperately needed and they saw us through it.

We never imagined the amount of love we would receive from our fans – all over the world- we are still in shock that our books have been translated into several different languages!

Well it’s time for another signing, the shock ever ends.

Go us!


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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19

A scene in which a character now has a mental health or personality disorder:

“Don’t you know who I am?” The woman demanded again. “I am Elise Mathers, reporter for The Sun Dispatch! I have been interviewed by Oprah, Wendy Williams and GMA on various pieces and I demand to be let go from this horrible place.”

The orderly sighed and flipped the page of his magazine. He hated this shift, everyone hated this shift since this Jane Doe was admitted after having a heart attack. She refused to tell them her name and her prints weren’t in the system, so she insisted on being a famous reporter. It would be somewhat convincing if she remotely looked like the woman she was claiming to be.

Dirty and wearing ill fitted clothing found in the lost and found, she had been there for two weeks now. They had tried every therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist that made been willing to see her. She had scared them all off.

Frustrated that she was being ignored, she ripped the paper from the young man’s hands and flipped through the pages until she found what she was looking for.

“See? This is me!” she exclaimed pointing to the picture.

The man took a look and then looked back at her. The woman in the picture had dark hair, dark eyes and stood with her arms crossed with a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude radiating off of her. The woman in front of him was obviously ten to fifteen years older, ash blond with light blue eyes that reminded him of the murders in some horror shows.

Before he could try to explain again that it wasn’t her, his watch chimed, signalling that it was time for her medication. Taking a deep sigh, he set his paper down and braced himself. The nurse entered the door and right on cue, the woman bolted to the other side of the room.

I’ll give her one thing, she sure is fast for an old lady.

With a look at the nurse they stayed just far apart to cage her in and to grab her if necessary.

“Jane, you know this is for your own good.” The nurse spoke in gentle kind tones. One hand raised as the other held the syringe.

“My name is not Jane! It’s Elise, why won’t anyone believe me?” she began to sob. “I don’t belong here, please help me get out of here.”

The orderly took that chance to go behind her and place strong hands on her shoulders. He hated to hold patients down and silently prayed that she would just get the shot.

Please, just take the shot.

The nurse quickly rubbed an alcohol swap against Jane Doe’s skin and injected the medication cocktail.

Within minutes she was being led back to her room, already woozy as the meds rushed through her system.

As sleep began to take over, she whispered to herself, “I am Elise Mathers, I am Elise Mathers, I… am… Elise…”

And then she was asleep.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 18

The antagonist’s re-occurring dream:

Sitting at his desk, he hears a knock on the door. He glances at the clock and realizes that he has lost track of time and won’t be able to set up his normal entrance for his visitor. It’s a shame really, he knows it pisses him off every time.

“Come on in,” he calls out, pushing papers aside. He really needs Calliope to go through all of this, business work bores him so.

“Here ya go,” Garrick calls out in usual greeting. “Fresh souls just for you his lordship.” 

“My, my… aren’t we testy today? Someone piss in your cheerios?”

Garrick just stands there, hands in his jeans, boredom written all over his face.

“You know what? I think it’s time for me to bring in a new Rider. Some of the guys are getting too old for the job.” When Garrick raised an eyebrow in question, Felix shrugged. “You know what I mean.”

“I guess, Yoda been’s around longer than I have, but I can’t see him getting tired of the work.” Garrick shifted uncomfortably, wondering for the hundredth time why Felix had no other chairs in his office.

“No, not Yoda.”

“Loco? He’s been fucking up on collections the past couple of months.” Garrick guessed again.

“No, not Loco either.” Felix answered as he raised from his chair and walked around the front of the desk.

Garrick’s face showed nothing but pure confusion as Felix stepped before him. “You really have no idea do you?” He grinned.

Garrick show his head no.

“Then I guess that’s too bad then.”

With a snap of his fingers, a vial appeared within Felix’s hand and he reached out to touch Garrick with the other. As the fires of Hell came up through the floor and engulfed Garrick’s body his eyes met with Felix’s one last time. 

And Felix took in the glee of knowing that Garrick’s lost thought was of him.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 17

Your 200 word elevator pitch about this book:

Now the rescuer needs to be rescued, what’s she to do?

Alexandra’s plan worked well, a little to well. Now she will need to rely on her love, Garrick to save her and her best friend. Garrick doesn’t know where to start looking and with an annoying detective on his trail, he finally breaks down and asks for help. Together, they face the common (and supernatural) dead ends in a kidnapping case, but one tip will end them into a trap and will count someone their life.