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I Know I’ve Been Quiet Lately

But for extremely good cause!

I have been doing a lot of reading, so reviews will be popping up. I just completed my first HUGE interview and I have another coming up for July. So I’ll probably be posting links too the first within the next couple of days.

I also have been doing a lot of writing for stories to come out this year. I will definitely get Peace and Harmony out this Fall/Winter and will have ROSE 2 out this Winter. I was really hoping to get Magnitude out (and finish that series) but nope. I am still stalled on that one. I’m hoping by getting a new editor, new life will be breathed into it and I will once again be jazzed to finish Ali and Caden’s story.

I don’t have very many newsletter subscribers and haven’t really had much to say, so if you think you have signed up for nothing, please give me a bit more patience. I just don’t have anything to say and don’t want to spam you with nonsense.

So until I have a release date for you, check out the Peace series page on Facebook. I try to participate in OnelineWedenesday, which for us has turned into OneparagraphWednesday, lol. Example:


So if you like sugar with a bit of spice and everything nice, you’ll love Peace and Harmony. And it’s nice to know I still got it (spice wise).

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Another (another?) Side Project

I am happy to announce that I am trying to push myself and my writing for 2017. Along with the Tillie Miller mystery, the personal story I am writing about my illness, the final books in not only the ROSE trilogy AND the Quake trilogy, I am adding my name to the hat for an anthology! Not all will be published next year, but I am hoping to write all of them!

Am I overdoing it? Yep.

Have I taken on too much? Probably.

Will I need to be hospitalized for losing my shit? Most definitely, lol

But hopefully you all will send words of encouragement and laugh along with me during this madness.

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Thanksgiving, Reviews and YouTube

Oh my!

The boys and I had Thanksgiving today instead of being killed by the hundreds of shoppers trying to to score a deal. I haven’t gone Black Friday shopping in five years, it’s a bittersweet memory. It was the night I caught the ‘flu’ that never went away.

Anywho. While the turkey was cooking in rich buttery goodness, I decided to watch the new Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix. Granted, I’ve only seen the first two seasons – and that has been in the last month – I figured I could watch it and still follow along. And yep, I was right.

At first, I wasn’t too upset that there was only four episodes out. Then OF COURSE they dropped a huge ‘Wow, didn’t see¬†that coming!’ So now I need more, Netflix. Get on that!

I also would like to make another YouTube video for ROSE Dangerous Turns but I am in the throes of hot flash hell (no, I’m nowhere near menopause… male readers, do not freak out over the word menopause) and am constantly in a state of sweating my ass off. So until I get that under control and stop looking like a walking sprinkler system, all pics and videos of me are a no go.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I’ll be back on Monday with new stuff including an interview and a review!

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A lot of family stuff came up mid August that made keeping up with the writing challenge impossible.

I have to admit, it was fun having to come up with answers for things I never would have thought of and allowed me to expand my story a bit.

I hope you enjoyed what I was able to complete and if you did it along with me, congrats on your accomplishment!

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 22

A page long sentence describing in minute detail where a main character sleeps (no pausing, just stream of consciousness):

* Why the hell am I awake?
* What time is that meeting tomorrow?? Er, today???
* Should I wear slacks or a skirt?
* If I wear a skirt I’m gonna have to touch up shave…….
* If I fall asleep by 3, that’s 3.5 hours of more sleep!
* Stupid, scary dream. It’s the reason I woke up.
* Why can’t I be a kid again?
* Wait, do I want to be a kid again?
* Man Vs Food guy is nuts
* I’m thirsty
* Why am I awake?
* Why do I let people push me around?
* The winning lottery numbers are 12 23 5 16 2 19
* Good googly moogly that is a huge steak!
* Why am I thinking about all of this inane crap?
* Still thirsty
* Why do people die?
* What does this dream mean?
* Is the couch really that comfy?
* I really need to get new pictures of my parents
* Yes all of this stuff is truly going through my mind right now
* I need more time in a day
* I hate having to lose time with my parents, but this job is so demanding
* Is strap perfect *really* that great?
* I’m so not going to sleep before/by 3am
* It’s going to be a loooooooooooong day
* It’s now 2:56am
* 3:01am
* Jack is on……
* But so is Good Eats………….


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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 20

A letter to your inner critic from your highly successful, multi published, award winning future self:

We did it! After all the hard work and rejection, the constant ridicule from family, we did it. It wasn’t easy, we spent a lot of time swearing to throw in the towel, but we didn’t. We found the support we so desperately needed and they saw us through it.

We never imagined the amount of love we would receive from our fans – all over the world- we are still in shock that our books have been translated into several different languages!

Well it’s time for another signing, the shock ever ends.

Go us!