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I Know I’ve Been Quiet Lately

But for extremely good cause!

I have been doing a lot of reading, so reviews will be popping up. I just completed my first HUGE interview and I have another coming up for July. So I’ll probably be posting links too the first within the next couple of days.

I also have been doing a lot of writing for stories to come out this year. I will definitely get Peace and Harmony out this Fall/Winter and will have ROSE 2 out this Winter. I was really hoping to get Magnitude out (and finish that series) but nope. I am still stalled on that one. I’m hoping by getting a new editor, new life will be breathed into it and I will once again be jazzed to finish Ali and Caden’s story.

I don’t have very many newsletter subscribers and haven’t really had much to say, so if you think you have signed up for nothing, please give me a bit more patience. I just don’t have anything to say and don’t want to spam you with nonsense.

So until I have a release date for you, check out the Peace series page on Facebook. I try to participate in OnelineWedenesday, which for us has turned into OneparagraphWednesday, lol. Example:


So if you like sugar with a bit of spice and everything nice, you’ll love Peace and Harmony. And it’s nice to know I still got it (spice wise).

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Another (another?) Side Project

I am happy to announce that I am trying to push myself and my writing for 2017. Along with the Tillie Miller mystery, the personal story I am writing about my illness, the final books in not only the ROSE trilogy AND the Quake trilogy, I am adding my name to the hat for an anthology! Not all will be published next year, but I am hoping to write all of them!

Am I overdoing it? Yep.

Have I taken on too much? Probably.

Will I need to be hospitalized for losing my shit? Most definitely, lol

But hopefully you all will send words of encouragement and laugh along with me during this madness.

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NanoWriMo In Full Effect Y’all

So it’s November. All writers know what that means, 30 days of tear fulled days and nights, hair pulling, copious amounts of cussing and (for those who can) equally copious amounts of alcohol.

I’m getting Magitude closer to an ending, writing the most I have on it in over a year. I don’t know why it’s been so hard to write this book. I just keep feeling like I can’t do it justice with the writing and its lackluster (look at me busting out the big words).

I’m looking for guest writers to keep this blog somewhat entertaining this month and so far have one taker. If anyone out there in blogging land would like to participate just let me know!

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Right now I am supposed to be writing Magnitude, ROSE 3 and reviewing books. Plus I promised someone that I would proofread their book. And I have dropped the ball on nearly all of those things. I find myself playing GOW for hours at a time just to escape my reality.

I finally figured out my problem with Magnitude… it’s based a lot on family and friendship. A personal friendship fueled the characters Ali and Christine, since that personal friendship has now ended, I can’t seem to instill that same spark into the story. It’s nearly physically painful to write. Does that make any sense?

ROSE 3 is a bit easier since it isn’t really based on one particular person and I have several muses to draw from. But taking the time to write and think and have it make sense isn’t there.

Reading is just not happening. I apologize to those that have made requests. I will get to you, I promise.

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So Much To Do

So little time to do it.

Isn’t that the way it always goes? I’m proofreading a book for a new ‘friend’… ‘client’… I don’t know what to call him, but that is going along slower than I anticipated. I’m finally breaking through my fog and writing Magnitude (Quake #3), but I also have ideas for ROSE #3 (Lisa After Dark series) and a cute whodunit type of story, so I am writing 2 out of 3 of those.

Plus there are so many things I want to blog about! Family, writing tips/ideas, advice for signings, how to improve a book bible/binder. I’m surprised that I am taking the time to write this now! I still need to cook dinner for the boys.

I just wish that there was more ‘me’ time, more ‘writing’ time, more ‘blogging’ time… hell, just MORE TIME!