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ICYMI: Something New for the New Year

The end of 2016 was pretty hard. Who am I kidding, it seemed like 2016 was hard for a lot of people! I know for my family and me, it was probably the hardest hard we have ever had to face, and there have been a couple.

But 2016 is over and we are moving full steam ahead into 2017. A few things that I have decided:

  • I closed my reading group, Arrington’s Angels, due to lack of response/interest. I may reopen it in the future but that is still to be seen.
  • I thought I had Dangerous Turns ready for publication but the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t like it. I felt like I would be letting my readers down by releasing something that didn’t feel finished. So I am pushing it to a Spring 2017 release.
  • Oh and I am the new social media coordinator for Lust Bites Magazine!

Don’t you love how I just casually dropped that last one in there? I am totally stoked about joining this team of amazing people/authors. I hope that I can do them and their readers proud! I will also be a contributing columnist so look for my name to pop up occasionally. I already had my first pitch approved!

If you are an author/blogger that would be willing to talk with me, please email me at or by using the contact form.

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2017 – Page One

Or day one. However you wish to look at it.

I tried to find a Happy New Year picture to share, but none of the ones I saw depicted what I see the new year as. The same old, same old. I’m still me and I still have an illness that’s not going to get better. In fact, I may never have full hearing out of my right ear again, time will tell.

And as I write this, I’m not sad and bitter, I’m actually smiling. I know that my life will always be a challenge and making some silly promise that I am in surely going to break by the weekend isn’t going to change that.

I do wish all of my friends and family and readers the best 2017 that you can possibly have! And who knows, maybe some of that will rub off on me too.

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Side Project

I’m working on a little side project while I am editing Dangerous Turns. A short story that’s near and dear to me because it’s about, well, me.

I was waiting for my ride and I had my kindle with me to finish reading a book for review when words just started going around my head. I sat on the warm red brick planter (Dear Arizona, it’s fall, get with the program) and just started typing.

It’s mainly about my disability and my journey with this round, but I may publish it. Or keep it for myself. I don’t know. What say you? Would anyone be interested in learning about fibromyalgia and the hoops one has to jump through to be ‘officially’ christened disabled in the State of Arizona?

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Past due for an update

Today is week two, day four of PT.

Last week ended in tears and we decided that we needed to space out the needling and let my muscles rest. So instead of using all three days, I’m spacing out my days and only two will be used for needling and even that will depend on how I’m feeling.

I also started Lyrica last night. Not sure how I’m feeling on it yet. Didn’t sleep well at all and after my first dose this morning, very spacey. Not good to figure out while driving.

My muscles are loosing up but also staying tight… I know that makes no sense… sometimes when I’m just about to go to sleep, they are nice and relaxed but the majority of the time, they are giving the Rockies a run for their money.

But I’m still holding in there.

Oh! I finally got my disability paperwork and am working on that bitch right now. I’m fuzzy on a few things so as I was hoping to mail it out today, it will need to have to go out tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and the dad’s out there had a rocking Father’s day.

And no, still no wifi at home. Getting to McDonald’s to use there’s is being a pain especially now that I am getting more and more review requests and need to do cover work.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and want to see it still going. I totally understand if you can’t but if you could help me anyway you can I would appreciate it.

Here is the link to my gofundme account:

Also here is the link to Riders of Sins Eternal  (has been getting GREAT reviews):

Word of mouth is wonderful promotion. And I love you guys no matter what!

Have a great week, will check in when I can! 💋

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Confined to my room

It’s summertime here in Arizona. I know it’s not officially summer for another few weeks but since we have already hit 118* in some areas, I’m calling it.

With the beginning of summer also comes Summer Break. We now have two Xbox 1’s… did I tell you guys how my awesomely talented oldest son got his little brother a Xbox 1 for zero dollars being exchanged? He is definitely a bargain/barter guru.

Anyway, with that new addition to our home, it had to be hooked up to the TV in the living room. The blu ray player is now in my room since we have no Internet and can’t properly set up the thing.

With my emotions roller-coaster I felt it was best to let the youngest take over that room and I am now confined to my bedroom.

And I am probably going to go crazy before school starts again August 4th, but for now I’m okay with that. It’s hard enough for me to wake up as it is but I can nap when I want and watch copious amounts of Grey’s Anatomy and Murder, She Wrote while I’m writing.

I kinda like my bubble, but the boys need to keep the noise down more since my space has lessened by more than half.

Now I just need to clean and organize a bit. That should be fun.

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Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

I’m debating on how to write my titles so bare with me…

Any who, I have been without work for one month and eleven days. The first few weeks was great. I got up with a renewed since of purpose, a proverbial weight had been lifted! No more stressing about how I was going to make it through the day with the pain or the fogginess or the fatigue.

But then then days began to run into each other. My meds stopped and new diagnoses were given.

Today, I tried writing and cleaned up a few paragraphs. Thought about taking a walk, which reminded me of the twinge in my foot and its the same twinge I had when what turned out to be a massive cyst right at the joint.

Dear lord, no. Not now.

We need another car. I need to have the option of leaving my apartment. If I won’t be able to work, I’ll need to find another outlet besides my writing.

And sweet baby Jesus my phone just scared the hell out of me by randomly playing a station it thought I would like lol

Dear lord.

Anyway, I’m lonely, bored and need something else to do besides write at home and rewatch Castle episodes (and don’t get me started on Beckett leaving after this season).

So for my friend’s in Internetland that stay home, what do you do?