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Reviews on Hold


So this isn’t totally true, but it’s close. My Kindle is officially kaput, I’m wearing my back up contacts until I can afford a new pair of glasses and the requests are flooding in and I am having an incredibly difficult time saying no. So many great sounding Indie stories are coming in and I want to help everyone, even though my following is small, it makes me feel good that I’m doing what I can.

So until I can get a new Kindle (or better eye wear, which ever comes first), the reviews will be slow coming and I am going to have to be more selective in what I accept. Please remember that I do not read memoirs, I stay away from strictly religious books (will accept books with religious aspects but are considered paranormal, mystery, etc.) and stay away from self-help books. I’ll send in the correction to The IndieView, but it may take a minute for them to update so I will try you now.

For all peeps I have promised an interview to, I am trying. Please continue to be patient, I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me!

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Shadowhunters vs Shadowhunters

I just finished reading the Mortal Instruments (yes, I know I’m behind) an loved the book. At the same time, I started watching Shadowhunters on whatever the channel is calling itself now and got into season one so I continued to watch it on Hulu. I have never been so confused about a television show in my life.

I truly believe thegiphy only thing they kept in tack was the characters name and the romance between Alec and Magnus. I think I’ll give it another episode or two to see if I’m going to stick out it out.

I can saw that the actors they chose for the TV series fit the characters much better than the movie did.


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Another (another?) Side Project

I am happy to announce that I am trying to push myself and my writing for 2017. Along with the Tillie Miller mystery, the personal story I am writing about my illness, the final books in not only the ROSE trilogy AND the Quake trilogy, I am adding my name to the hat for an anthology! Not all will be published next year, but I am hoping to write all of them!

Am I overdoing it? Yep.

Have I taken on too much? Probably.

Will I need to be hospitalized for losing my shit? Most definitely, lol

But hopefully you all will send words of encouragement and laugh along with me during this madness.

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I can’t believe I did that

Now that I have finished Dangerous Turns and have a couple weeks to work on the formatting while the beta’s have at it, I realized that I DID NOT put a copyright page in Riders of Sins Eternal’s book form. I did it in the e-reader format but not the book.


I know things have been rough, but wow. I have never done that before and can’t believe I did it now. And yes, it is a big deal, without that page I have basically said ‘Hey you, go ahead and copy this word for word and call it your own book!’

Please do not do what I did. If you are self-publishing here is a great link I found that shows both long and short examples of a copyright page. And coming soon to Lisa A Writes and Reads will be a template for both book format and e-reader format for you to download and use for free. And yes, I will most definitely be including a copyright example, lol.

Oh, and if anyone out there gets the bright idea of ordering my book real quick and trying to copy it, too late, already fixed!

Til next time angels,


I’ll be trying different ways of signing off during the next few posts. It will more than likely include the word ‘angel’ since my reading/discussion group is called Arrington’s Angels. Interested in joining? Must have Facebook, be over 18 and fill out the form below (will not sign you up for anything other than the reading/discussion group).