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Reviews on Hold


So this isn’t totally true, but it’s close. My Kindle is officially kaput, I’m wearing my back up contacts until I can afford a new pair of glasses and the requests are flooding in and I am having an incredibly difficult time saying no. So many great sounding Indie stories are coming in and I want to help everyone, even though my following is small, it makes me feel good that I’m doing what I can.

So until I can get a new Kindle (or better eye wear, which ever comes first), the reviews will be slow coming and I am going to have to be more selective in what I accept. Please remember that I do not read memoirs, I stay away from strictly religious books (will accept books with religious aspects but are considered paranormal, mystery, etc.) and stay away from self-help books. I’ll send in the correction to The IndieView, but it may take a minute for them to update so I will try you now.

For all peeps I have promised an interview to, I am trying. Please continue to be patient, I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me!

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Catching Up

I spent Sunday determined to clean up, reply to and organize all my email accounts. All you may ask? Well, yeah… I have one for my writing, one for this blog, a personal account, a junk mail account and now I need to check in on at least two more. I really need to get rid of some of these accounts now that I’m listed them wow.

Anyway, so Sunday was dedicated to email clean up and I did it! I got my writing account clean! So if you have sent any type of request to my gmail account, then you have heard from me. If you have sent anything to my account, I will be with you shortly as I am dedicating a good chunk of Monday to get that done. Hope everyone has a fun and productive weekend and be on the look out for interviews and more reviews!

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Dear Amazon,

A fellow author friend posted the other day that due to a one customer “complaint” (didn’t like the white space nor the chapter breaks) and now she has to reformat the entire book. That has been on your site without any other issue for three years. Three years. 

I get it. I worked in customer service and I know the customer is always right. I know we have to do what we need to keep our customers happy. Authors totally get this, we are in the same business. However, were does the line get drawn? When do you protect the author?

One complaint/opposing suggestion and you’re making the author change their creative layout. What if it was done on purpose for the flow of the story? What happens if someone complains about the new format and wants the old one back? Are you going to make her change it again? 

Again, where does it end? Amazon, where do you draw the line for the authors and allow for artistic expression? It’s time to be on the authors side.

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When do we stop watching?

We were on our way to my oldest son’s last basketball banquet as a high schooler. I thought for sure I was going to cry, but my eyes stayed dry, even as his coach gave him major props for stepping up and becoming the man of the house. It was awesome hearing him recognized because I know what a great kid he is, and now others do too.

Okay. Got side tracked. On our way there, I pulled into a gas station and handed Q the money to pay/pump. A little girl with glasses was crossing across the parking lot and I heard her mother saying “Go now!” “Look both ways!”, all the normal things we parents have said since they were mobile.

And as I watched this anxious mom, watch her anxious daughter, it hit me. When did I stop looking? When did I trust them enough to walk across a parking lot without panicking, without watching their every step and releasing the breath I didn’t even know I was holding. 

Am I that… what’s the word I’m looking for… lax? B is 12 and should know how to cross the parking lot, but he does tend to just run and not look out. And he’s short, so I always worry about that, but I don’t watch anymore. And that scares the hell out of me.