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Book Review: Seventies Child by David P. Anderson

Seventies Child


Seventies Child recalls a bygone era when children were free to explore and often ran wild. A collection of humorous and often heartfelt stories that examine universal themes that define growing up: sibling rivalry, fear, bullying, envy, peer pressure, friendship, and infatuation.

This fictional memoir follows hero/anti-hero Samuel Ballard as he struggles to mature from five to fifteen in 1970s suburban Boston. Whether he’s battling insomnia and his brother to be the first to open his presents in “The Christmas Alarm Clock”, teaming with his best friend, weirdo Jocko to dodge jail in “The Card Heist” or reluctantly associating with the hated “Preps” to woo his dream girl in the “The First Girlfriend”, Samuel is hard to root against despite his proclivity towards mischief. Seventies Child is a time warp back to the days of disco starring a hard rock hero.

reviewthree cup review(Score due to many grammatical errors.Contacted author to see if the copy given to me was an ARC or the final product, no response)

Seventies Child gave me a look into the era I was born into and have no memory of, lol.

This story is set as a memoir for Samuel Ballard, you’re normal everyday kid just trying to get through adolescents in one piece. He guides us through the story of his upbringing with strict parents, squabbles with siblings and asking out a crush for the time.

Anderson does well painting the picture of this large family and I was able to place myself into Samuel’s misadventures more than once.  It was a great story and I wish I could have given it a higher score but having to go back and reread sentences really ruined the flow.