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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 18

The antagonist’s re-occurring dream:

Sitting at his desk, he hears a knock on the door. He glances at the clock and realizes that he has lost track of time and won’t be able to set up his normal entrance for his visitor. It’s a shame really, he knows it pisses him off every time.

“Come on in,” he calls out, pushing papers aside. He really needs Calliope to go through all of this, business work bores him so.

“Here ya go,” Garrick calls out in usual greeting. “Fresh souls just for you his lordship.” 

“My, my… aren’t we testy today? Someone piss in your cheerios?”

Garrick just stands there, hands in his jeans, boredom written all over his face.

“You know what? I think it’s time for me to bring in a new Rider. Some of the guys are getting too old for the job.” When Garrick raised an eyebrow in question, Felix shrugged. “You know what I mean.”

“I guess, Yoda been’s around longer than I have, but I can’t see him getting tired of the work.” Garrick shifted uncomfortably, wondering for the hundredth time why Felix had no other chairs in his office.

“No, not Yoda.”

“Loco? He’s been fucking up on collections the past couple of months.” Garrick guessed again.

“No, not Loco either.” Felix answered as he raised from his chair and walked around the front of the desk.

Garrick’s face showed nothing but pure confusion as Felix stepped before him. “You really have no idea do you?” He grinned.

Garrick show his head no.

“Then I guess that’s too bad then.”

With a snap of his fingers, a vial appeared within Felix’s hand and he reached out to touch Garrick with the other. As the fires of Hell came up through the floor and engulfed Garrick’s body his eyes met with Felix’s one last time. 

And Felix took in the glee of knowing that Garrick’s lost thought was of him.



Lisa Arrington is a mother to two wonderful who has always had a passion for writing. Lisa attended a local technical college and received an associate degree in Computer Networking which she put right to use. Lisa currently lives in Southern Arizona with her two sons and when not writing she can be found curled up on her favorite chair with Kindle in hand, reviewing books for her blog, chauffeuring the boys around town for basketball games or playing Candy Crush Soda on her phone. She loves the color blue, can't get enough cherry cheesecake ice cream or Junior Mints and will forever be in a power-struggle over the big screen TV with her youngest child.

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