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Not Going Down Without a Fight

Today was my 2nd day of physical therapy (PT), I am trying dry needle therapy and let me tell you its no joke. After one session my normally rock hard shoulders have softened a bit and I don’t look like Hulk Hogan when he’s showing he’s ready fight (neck muscles bulging, gritted teeth, etc).

I was able to handle a normal hug! Both Q and B were so happy with the initial neddling.

Today we’ve discovered that my left side is going to be problematic but we’re working on it. Oh and do you know what else I did today?

The arm bike!
Shoulder rolls!
And something like rowing with a resistance band.

It all totaled ten minutes but that is ten minutes of exercise I wasn’t able to do last week! I know I’m not ready to climb Mount Everett or run a 1k or try out for the Olympics but it’s the most progress I’ve had in years.

I know this could be temporary, like the trigger point injections I got before, and my shoulders could go right back to being Mount PITA so I’m keeping my hope to a medium. At least I’m trying to!

In other news: still waiting on the disability decision and things are beyond tight. I setup a Go Fund Me account but am too embarrassed to share it.

I keep thinking that there are so many people who need the help more than I do.

But here it is, if you can help in anyway, I would appreciate it.

Or if you prefer, buy a copy of one of my three books! Links are in the books section tab.

Well that’s all I have for today. When I find a wifi spot (no cell phone or internet) I update on my PT progress. I have no idea where this fighting spirt come from, but God please let it stay.



Lisa Arrington is a mother to two wonderful who has always had a passion for writing. Lisa attended a local technical college and received an associate degree in Computer Networking which she put right to use. Lisa currently lives in Southern Arizona with her two sons and when not writing she can be found curled up on her favorite chair with Kindle in hand, reviewing books for her blog, chauffeuring the boys around town for basketball games or playing Candy Crush Soda on her phone. She loves the color blue, can't get enough cherry cheesecake ice cream or Junior Mints and will forever be in a power-struggle over the big screen TV with her youngest child.

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