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What You Don’t Know About: Felix Amantasi

Welcome to part three of four of my getting to know the characters of Riders of Sins Eternal! Today, we get to learn a bit more about Felix, owner and sole proprietor of the ROSE nightclub and MC.

☆ Felix goes by many names but is most famous for The Dark One, The Prince of Darkness… Satan.

☆ He loves to make deals with the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. He does not discriminate.

☆ He was in love once. Losing her led to his fall from grace.

☆ He has the ability to change genders, for the past three hundred years he has preferred to be male. Although when a woman, he has great abilities as a seductress.

☆ He has the ability to change ethnicities, currently posing as a white male of Italian decent.

☆ He is very selective of the men he choses to be his Riders. He keeps this circle to 12 and only inducts men. He gives them their abilities.

☆ Felix is very untrusting, so his flirtatious reactions to Sasha is very unnerving.

Do you have questions about the characters or the story? Ask in the comments section below!



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