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Just Watched Bridget Jones’s Diary

Yes, I know.

And yes, I have been living under a rock. Thank you, Netflix.

In my defense, I wasn’t the chick flick type when this movie came out and sitting here in desperate need of background noise it seemed like a good pick, something I didn’t need to give my full and undivided attention.

Anyway, I read the description before pressing play and one thing stood out.. “A glimpse into the female mind”.


Okay so I pressed play and chuckled a few times, relating to a few scenes and straight up rooted for Mr. Darcy (I mean… COME ON!). Then watched the sequel (thank you Netflix for finally getting with the program) and even though I really enjoyed the movies, something in the back of my mind kept nagging me.

I realized I kept going back to ‘A glimpse into the female mind’. And it hit me. Their ‘glimpse’ was the complicate love triangle, not how she ¬†learned from mistakes and grew as a person but how she decided which man to ultimately end up with.

And then Bridget Jones’s Diary 2 was just a tad worse. It focused on her jealousies and insecurities for comedic effect… affect? I also get those confused, sorry.

So while entertaining it will forever irk me. And I know this isn’t the first time someone has said this (at least I don’t think it is) but having finally caught up and watching it, I had to give my two cents.



Lisa Arrington is a mother to two wonderful who has always had a passion for writing. Lisa attended a local technical college and received an associate degree in Computer Networking which she put right to use. Lisa currently lives in Southern Arizona with her two sons and when not writing she can be found curled up on her favorite chair with Kindle in hand, reviewing books for her blog, chauffeuring the boys around town for basketball games or playing Candy Crush Soda on her phone. She loves the color blue, can't get enough cherry cheesecake ice cream or Junior Mints and will forever be in a power-struggle over the big screen TV with her youngest child.

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