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Review: Severed MC Series Books 1-4 by K.T Fisher and Ava Manello

*One review contains language not suitable for children or those who don’t like bad language
I was able to participate with the Severed Blog Tour and apologize for not getting my reviews out by the beginning of this week. Four books are a lot to read, while other things are going on! So here are my reviews of all four books in one:
Severed MC 1 – Severed Angel
In SMC1 we meet Eve, who is on her way to her BFF’s wedding. Her friend warns her to stay put since she is driving through tough territory but, wanting to explore her new surroundings, she doesn’t pay heed and places in her trust in a slip of paper and a convertible top… see where this is going?
After a stop at a local store to get directions, Eve witnesses something that she should not have witnessed, running right into Satan. The VP of Carnal MC. Thanks to her best friend sending out men to find her, Eve is rescued and taken to the safety of their clubhouse. Later she gets the shock of her life when she meets Angel, Satan’s twin brother.
As their names indicate, these two are as different as night and day and hate each other even more. Satan places a bounty on Eve’s head and Severed will be damned if he will ever touch one hair on her body, especially Angel, who has taken more than a passing glance at the beauty.
I gave this book: 
Severed MC 2 – Carnal Desire

In SMC2, Satan still has nothing but blood and revenge on his mind. Now about to return home to her daughter, Eve makes a new friend, Elle. The two are kindred spirits especially after the strain Eve’s friendship with Teresa has taken. Thinking she is losing her mind seeing Angel nearly everywhere she looks, she is taken aback when Elle arranges a surprise visit and has Angel, Ink and Cowboy in tow to inform her that she is still being watched, which means her daughter is also now in danger. Returning to Severed with her daughter is a huge change for both of them but Eve can’t decide the effect her baby girl, Elizabeth, has on these big badass bikers. Now watching their language and playing tea, it’s something no one saw coming.
But one of the club members is under Satan’s thumb and giving him vital information on how he can find Eve alone and play out his sick and twisted revenge. He would almost rather give himself up as a rat and face the consequences, but Satan has found the one and only thing that is worth betraying his club for.
I found Carnal Desire much for interesting and fast paced than Severed Angel.
I give this book:
Severed MC 3 – Severed Justice

Severed Justice is slated as book three in the Severed series, but I got more of the feeling that this could be read as a stand alone. 
Severed Justice focuses on the club’s newest member, Justice. He was introduced during Carnal Desire. Justice has a score to settle for his sister and he isn’t doing it alone. Bringing along Cowboy, who is still missed up over losing his best friend, he hunts down the man that has been screwing her over. And let’s just say (as corny as it sounds) that justice was served.
During this installment we read about his attraction to not only Danni but also to Emma. Which lady ends up with his heart? Or will everyone end up heartbroken?
I give this book:
Severed MC 4 – Carnal Persuasion*

Well… damn. I have to admit that out of all four books this is one I liked the least. CP picks up where Severed Justice left off. Everyone is heartbroken over what has happened, Emma wants revenge, Cowboy is still… Cowboy, but now enter Lucy (and to be honest I had to go back to figure out who Lucy was, yes, she was mentioned briefly in previous book). Lucy is the fresh air that Cowboy needs to snap him out of his depression, but I hated the way Cowboy went all alpha male on her. It was too alpha for the Severed MC guys that we have gotten to know and love. To be it bluntly, Cowboy was an asshole. An over bearing, wtf, asshole. I’m happy he got his act together but geez.
This book gets:
As a whole the series is definitely a solid 3 book, sure I’ll read it again sometime series. It’s entertaining, full of passion and has tons of hot guys. The only cons I can think of are the writers may have been rushed during the fourth book or may have been tired of the series? I don’t know, just got a weird vibe from book four.


Lisa Arrington is a mother to two wonderful who has always had a passion for writing. Lisa attended a local technical college and received an associate degree in Computer Networking which she put right to use. Lisa currently lives in Southern Arizona with her two sons and when not writing she can be found curled up on her favorite chair with Kindle in hand, reviewing books for her blog, chauffeuring the boys around town for basketball games or playing Candy Crush Soda on her phone. She loves the color blue, can't get enough cherry cheesecake ice cream or Junior Mints and will forever be in a power-struggle over the big screen TV with her youngest child.

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