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Review: Dead Down East by Carl Schmidt




Dead Down East, a fictional murder mystery, is both detective noir and smart screwball comedy rolled into one. Jesse Thorpe, a young private investigator operating out of Augusta, Maine, receives a mysterious phone call from a former client, Cynthia Dumais. She begs to be rescued from an island south of Brunswick, within a mile of where William Lavoilette, the governor or Maine, was assassinated the night before. She insists that her life is in danger, but is unwilling to provide any further information. Reluctantly, Jesse goes to fetch her. Within a week, Jesse has three separate clients, each with his, or her, own desperate need to have the murder solved. He assembles a motley team of compadres, including rock band members, a tie-dye psychic and his rousing girlfriend, Angele Boucher, to help him with the case. While the FBI and the Maine State Police investigate political motives, Jesse looks for the woman—Cherchez la Femme—as the trail draws him through the lives, and DNA, of the governor’s former mistresses. Fresh, witty and loaded with eccentric characters, this first novel in the Jesse Thorpe Mystery Series is both clever and stylish. It’s an old-school private eye tale with inventive twists and local charm. If you enjoy a well-crafted and zesty narrative, lively banter, or take pleasure in the company of Mainers, you’ll love Dead Down East.


3.5 stars
(4 stars for Goodreads and Amazon)

In Dead Down East we are introduced to several  characters, the main being, Jesse Thorpe. It was a well paced story and I enjoyed the plot line, however, I found the characters had to relate to. It may have been how the dialogue was presented (in large chunks) and how we were never really given a lot of information on the secondary characters to make a connection. Even through that, I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong on ‘whodunit’ and would recommend this to other mystery readers.

Author Bio

Carl Schmidt (1946-) lived and traveled widely throughout Asia for seven years, including two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines and five years in Japan, where he taught English. He chose Maine as the setting for his Jesse Thorpe Mysteries because he loves its rugged natural beauty and the charming idiosyncrasies of Mainers. He has also written and recorded three musical albums. In 2001, New Falcon Press published his non-fictional book, A Recipe for Bliss: Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium.

Currently, he is a freelance writer living in Sedona, Arizona with his lovely wife, Holly, and their faithful German shorthaired pointer, Alize.

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When I Grow Up

All I wanted to be was a writer. Okay, that’s not true.

I’ve wanted to be a firefighter, a police officer, a singer, a lawyer and a writer. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the gist.

I have been writing since I could pick up a crayon and put it to wall (yeah, my mom loved that one). I have memories of writing “movies” – drawing pictures with subtitles and shining a flashlight on them – don’t judge. I was adorable.

I was writing short stories with dialogue in middle school while others where still trying to figure out how to do the daily language skill activities on the chalk board. Basically, I have been writing.

So if I have been writing forever, why do I feel I suck at it? And how do I make myself feel better so I have the confidence to put myself out there more.


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Review: Me Before You


I picked up Me Before You by Jojo Moyes while at Target one weekend. I walked in for socks and came out with $85 worth of stuff-including the socks!

I haven’t seen the movie yet and probably won’t until it’s on Amazon Prime or Netflix, so this review is strictly about what I have read.

It’s a classic girl meets boy with a twist. Louisa (Lou) is perfectly happy being perfectly ordinary, but this all changes when the cafe she was working at decides to shut down and she’s forced to find a new job. After a few failed attempts, she lands a job as a care assistant for Will, who is a quadriplegic, and quite bitter that his life isn’t what it once was.

Even though she has zero experience in this field, she accepts so she can continue to help her father take care of the family. Things start off rocky as Will barely speaks to Lou and makes it clear that he does not want her around, but since it was his mother who hired her, he cannot fire her.

Lou is quick to learn that she was hired to try to lift Will’s spirits and change his mind about going to Dignitas (assisted suicide) during her six month contract. When she finds this out she is quick to resign as she feels she cannot be apart of it, even as his caregiver.

Will’s mother begs her to come back, noting that Will has been much happier since she has come into his life and she believes that Lou is her only chance. Lou decides to go back, but on one condition, that she be allowed to take Will on several small trips to get him out of the house and to see what he has been missing.

Their first outing was a disaster and afterwards Will was angry because as he put it “Once again decisions were made without me.” Keeping this in mind, Lou is more selective on her plans. After it grows closer to Will’s six month date, they go on holiday to a beautiful island, this is where Lou discovers that she is in love with Will and begs him to chose her over death.

I should also mention that there is a boyfriend (jerk off) named Patrick and Lou’s younger sister is kind of a pain in the ass, and they lend color and depth to the story.

I truly enjoyed this book and jumped right into After You, which is next for review.

If you like laughing, crying and laughing because of crying. This is the book  for you!

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Hi — Disability, Depression and Me

My name is Lisa, at the time of this post, I am 37 years old. I have two sons (18 and 12). I am a writer, this isn’t my first blog and I am sick. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety, depression and insomnia. I used to be a computer technician, but was let go. Wait, […]

via Hi — Disability, Depression and Me


Don’t forget to check out my new blog and share!


Reviews coming soon, have a great weekend!

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I’ve always had a problem with what I wanted this blog to be. I mean, I knew I wanted it to be about my writing and my books and a few personal posts here and there, but since applying for disability and all the hell that comes from that, this blog has become a catch all and I don’t want that.

So I have started a new blog strictly for my disability updates, frustrations and maybe (hopefully) it will turn into somewhat of a guide for folks in Arizona who are struggling with getting through the disability process and this will once again become a blog strictly for my writing processes, frustrations and maybe (hopefully) a guide for other Indie writers trying to make it out there.

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There is nothing out there for people who are applying, waiting and praying for disability benefits. There are tons of programs for people who can work and need help getting back on their feet but there is nothing for people who physically and/or mentally cannot work. 

Which means they have no income. Zero. If married or partnered up it comes with its own challenges of missed income, but its a tad easier than being single  (I’m guessing here, I know it’s not a cake walk either way).

Being single and being a single parent who cannot work but still trying to maintain some sort of independence is an oxymoron. You still have to apply for state assistance, housing and whatever else your state may offer.

You think you would get the support of your family, but nope, your mooching off them and why can’t you just get a job until your disability is approved.


Cause then I wouldn’t need disability, but you know I’m lovin’ stressing out over rent, food, electricity. And now transportation since the car dealership went back on their word and decided that what you were paying wasn’t enough so I returned the car.

And now I get cussed out nearly daily from a relative who’s car I am borrowing… so yeah.

I don’t understand why they can’t start your benefits and then stop/deduct them if you aren’t approved. This is just a single mom barely holding it together vent.

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A lot of family stuff came up mid August that made keeping up with the writing challenge impossible.

I have to admit, it was fun having to come up with answers for things I never would have thought of and allowed me to expand my story a bit.

I hope you enjoyed what I was able to complete and if you did it along with me, congrats on your accomplishment!